Music Selections

There are several places in the Funeral Liturgy for selections ofliturgical music. The order of the Funeral Liturgy is very much the order of a Sunday Liturgy. All music that is incorporated in the funeral liturgy must be sacred music, consisting of sacred text.

Please select six pieces of music consisting of: four hymns, one Responsorial Psalm, and one Song of Farewell.

Many of the hymns on the following list work well in several places during the Mass. We will place these in the most appropriate places (Gathering Hymn, Preparation Hymn, Communion Hymn, Recessional Hymn). You may have a favorite hymn that does not appear on this list. Please feel free to suggest it and we will try to incorporate it.

Please select four hymns:

• Amazing Grace

• Like a Shepherd

• As the Deer Longs

• Lord of All Hopefulness

• Ave Maria

• Lord, You Have Come

• Be Not Afraid

• On Eagle's Wings

• Because the Lord is My Shepherd

• Only This I Want

• Come to Me

• Panis Angelicus

• Eye Has Not Seen

• Prayer of St. Francis

• Only This I Want

• Precious Lord, Take My Hand

• Fly Like a Bird

• Shelter Me, 0 God

• Gift of Finest Wheat

• Shepherd Me, 0 God

• Give Me Jesus

• The Lord is My Hope

• Hail Mary: Gentle Woman

• The King of Love My Shepherd Is

• Hosea

• The Lord is My Light

• The Lord is My Light

• The Lord is My Shepherd

• How Can I Keep From Singing

• We Remember

• How Great Thou Art

• We Walk by Faith

• How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place

• Where My Father Lives

• I, the Lord

• I Am the Bread of Life

• Where My Father Lives

• I Have Loved You

• I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say

• I Know That My Redeemer Lives

• Irish Blessing


Please select one of the following Responsorial Psalms.

(The Responsorial Psalm is sung after the first reading is proclaimed.)

• Psalm 23 – "The Lord is my shepherd…"

• Psalm 63 - "My soul thirsts for you, Lord ... "

• Psalm 25 – "To you, O Lord, I lift my soul…"

• Psalm 63 - "My soul thirsts for you, Lord ... "

• Psalm 27 – "The Lord is my light and my salvation…"

• Psalm 84 - "How lovely is your dwelling place ... "

• Psalm 34 – "Taste and see the goodness of the Lord…"

• Psalm 91 - "Be with me, Lord, when I am in trouble ... "

• Psalm 42/43 – "As the deet longs for running streams…"

• Psalm 103 - "The Lord is kind and merciful. .. "

• Psalm 116 - "I will walk in the presence of the Lord ... "

Song of Farewell:

(This is a prayer that is sung at the incensation, before the recessional hymn.)

Please select one.

• Song of Farewell (Ernest Sands)

• Song of Farewell (Old Hundredth)

• May the Angels Be Your Guide

• Into Your Hands, Lord

• In Paradisum

• Go in Peace


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